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Specialty EHR

The BalineMD Electronic Medical Record (EHR) Software automates and simplifies the patient record documentation, storage and retrieval process. The EHR acts as the backbone for delivering immaculate patient care, establishing efficient processes and maximizing profitability.

Universal Accessibility
The BalineMD's Internet-based Electronic Medical Record System (EHRS) runs on the user's web browser. This enables universal accessibility from a desktop, tablet PC or handheld computer. Compared to conventional Windows applications, BalineMD EHR offers the user easy accessibility across locations. Providers can view or edit patient data from a desktop, PDA handheld device or tablet PC at their convenience.

Informed Decision Making
By ensuring swift patient record documentation at the point-of-care, the EHR eliminates the burden of illegible writing, paper processes, and unorganized records. A one-click search allows instant retrieval of patient notes, medications and vital documents, ensuring that the physician makes the best-informed clinical decisions.

Specialty Specific Customization
The Patient data is captured in forms customized to each specialty e.g. cardiology, ENT, neurology. The point-and-click data capture in these forms reduces the transaction time by over 60%.

Ensured Compliance
Working in a high volume, high-pressure environment it is often possible to overlook minute details in patient documentation. By ensuring secure, detailed documentation as well as accurate chart coding and diagnosis, the BalineMDT EHR ensures compliance with HIPAA and HCFA norms. This also ensures reduction in malpractice insurance premiums.

Interpretive Reporting
The reporting system is an essential tool for business analysis and planning. The system allows users to formulate exhaustive reports by demographics, insurance, ICD/CPT Codes, data accessed, etc.

Integrated Workflow
The system ensures superior coordination among providers, nurses and other staff. Multiple user rights dictate the features available to each user and ensure seamless workflow, with minimal coordination hassles.

Scope for Research Initiatives
With exhaustive electronic documentation, clinics can invest in clinical research. Access to complete patient records, clinical data and reports helps clinics to pursue intensive research with ease.


Specialties covered

( Click for details on speciality)    
    . Allergy and Immunology
    . Anesthesiology
    . Cardiology
    . Dermatology
    . Emergency Medicine
    . Endocrinology
    . ENT
    . Family Practice
    . Gastroenterology
    . Geriatric Medicine
    . HBOT/Wound Care
    . Hematology
    . Internal Medicine
    . Nephrology
    . Neurosurgery
    . Neurology
    . Oncology
    . Ophthalmology
    . Orthopedics
    . OB/GYN
    . Occupational Health
    . Pain Management
    . Pediatrics
    . Podiatry
    . Psychiatry
    . Pulmonology
    . Rheumatology
    . Surgery
    . Sports Medicine
    . Urology
    . Vascular Surgery
:: A Quick EHR Features Update ::

Point & Click Forms with macros: Users simply need to click on logical phrases and choices to record the patient encounter in the form. The logical line of thought selected by users form a written narrative.

Patient Dashboard: Provides access to patient demographic information, insurance records, allergies, medical history, transcriptions, prescriptions, superbills, documents, etc.

Medical History: Maintains an exhaustive update on the patient's medical history across vital parameters such as statistics, medical problems, allergy details and lab reports.

Visit Records: Each visit of a patient and the details are documented for quick reference such as medical examination, new symptoms and illness history.

Insurance Records: A detailed track of the patient's insurance policies containing plan, termination date, etc. This is integrated with the billing systems.

Quick Records Search: Searches can be performed across multiple parameters to retrieve patient records in seconds.

Doctor Records: The system maintains the database of all doctors (permanent doctors, visiting doctors) with details of address, contact details, qualifications, and specialty.

Patient Intake Forms: Patient data can be filled on the clinic's website by the patient and directly updated on the EHR.

Alerts System: Automatic alerts are generated for immunization and abnormal range lab results.

Electronic-Fax to E-Form: Eliminating the need for large amount of data entry we provide the ability to convert patient data provided as electronic-fax into the EHR.
Integrated EHR and PM System
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