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Patient Portal

BalineMD provides multi-functional, user-friendly patient portals for healthcare entities, establishing a professional online presence. The portal can be integrated with the Electronic Medical Record (EHR) system to provide a set of pre-defined functionalities for registered patients. These functions not only empower the patient with information available any time of the day, but also reduce workload of the hospital or practice staff.

Secure Two-Way Communication
A patient portal offers the physician the ability to provide patient services through a secure online website. Patient records can be shared electronically from within EHR to streamline communications inside and outside the practice and also eliminate costs associated with sending documents via fax or mail. Patient Portal enables the physician and patient to communicate with each other easily and securely online. Patients can log in through a secure password to view their personal records, lab reports, diagnostics, statements, and messages.

Convenience: Anytime, Anywhere
Patient portals provide an easy, all time access to the patient to online medical resources. Health maintenance alerts can be automatically sent and patients can log in to modify demographic information in their records and can also receive emails on upcoming appointments, procedures or lab tests.

Increase online presence, reduce data entry
By delivering information and services to patients in a variety of ways, a fully functional Patient Portal helps maintain a seamless communication channel between the patients and the provider while improving overall efficiency of the delivery of care. Patient Portals also go a long way in increasing the corporate and social image of the healthcare facility within the local community. Patients can also use the portal to update or modify their demographics and family history, this eliminates the need for data reentry and saves staff time.

Our team delivers a portal that brings operational efficiency, reduction in costs and improvements in quality of patient care and documentation. We provide these products and services as part of a solution developed specifically for your medical practice and specialty.

This solution helps you convert site visitors into registered users, collecting the information necessary for the success of marketing and community relations programs. We take care of the project on turnkey basis, handling all hosting and maintenance, ensuring seamless delivery to your site.

Integrated EHR and PM System
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