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BalineMD offers the avenue of serving as a complete end-to-end service provider for its clients. Clinics can outsource their medical processes and functions to the Baline services arm. We provide professionally managed Medical services, which enable the clinic to focus on its core activities and leave the rest to the Baline services team.

The service operations are provided from its state-of-the art transcription set up by a competent team of skilled professionals. The team works hand in hand with the client to evaluate practice processes, resources and time requirements for providing client specific services. The medical services are integrated with the clinic’s software and applications across functions.

Baline T provides the following value added services:
Transcription & Fax Services
BalineMD provides medical transcription services with a focus on fast turnaround times of 12 hours and maintaining complete data security.
Medical Billing
BalineMD takes charge of the complete medical billing process including claims processing, returns filing and payment follow-up. This ensures faster payments and reduced denials by insurance companies.
Clinics typically have stand-alone applications and systems working across functions. The integration services offer integration of individual applications for seamless functioning across users.
Scanning and Indexing
BalineMD provides services of scanning and indexing paper records to electronic format. Simplified indexing based on your criteria creates records, which are ready to be imported into our document management system.
Medical Staffing
BalineMD is a strategic healthcare staffing provider that services a wide variety of healthcare disciplines, nationwide over a full scope of business solutions. We are a recognized leader in healthcare staffing, matching providers with opportunities nationwide.
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