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Medical Transcription

The BalineMD web-and PDA-compliant medical transcription system manages the transcription cycle from the beginning to end by integrating voice recording, digital scripting, delivery of voice files to the medical transcriptionist and final transcript receipt. The system is capable of managing the complete process efficiently, reducing mismanagement, errors and labor costs.

Medical Transcription Features

  • Internet- enabled medical transcription system
  • Dictation capturing on PDA/ Toll free phone/Dictaphone
  • Dictate, prioritize and track job from PDA
  • Synchronization facility to update data from PDA to central server
  • Automatic attachment to patient electronic medical records
  • Facility to Edit, Search, View, and Sign off medical transcriptions
  • Receive and attach results to patients' EHR

  • Dictations Made Easy

    The BalineMD system gives you multiple dictation options according to your preferences:

  • PDA Recording: Doctors can dictate and save voice files on A PDA. The PDA is synchronized with the PC and finally transmits the data to the medical transcriptionists.
  • Toll Free Dial Up Line: Doctors can give dictation using a toll free telephone number. Once the voice is recorded the voice files are automatically sent to the medical transcriptionists for conversion.
  • Digital Recording: Dictation can be given through a digital recorder. The voice files are uploaded to BalineMD server using proprietary desktop software. Voice files are then sent to the medical transcriptionists for processing.

Seamless Processing
The system ensures time optimization by coordinating between the healthcare providers and the medical transcriptionists. Once the dictation reaches the medical transcriptionist, it is transcribed and returned to the doctor via e-mail or fax and uploaded to the system. The doctor can request corrections or edit the document him or herself , if needed. Finally, the transcribed reports are automatically attached to the patients' electronic medical record in BalineMD.

Auto-fax Services
BalineMD offers an auto-Fax Service, which automatically faxes transcribed reports to attending or referral physicians from the database. It relieves the office staff of the time-consuming process of sending faxes manually.

Real Time Status Updates
Transcriptions can be tracked according to their status - pending, under correction, under review or signed. This enables the practice to keep track of and optimize the time spent on the transcription process.

Define Your Templates
Doctors have the flexibility to define the templates that will be used for the transcribed reports.

Simplified Accessibility
An easy-to-use search interface provides the benefit of searching and viewing transcribed reports online or via the PDA enabling universal instant accessibility.

Integrated EHR and PM System
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