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Appointment Scheduler

The appointment scheduler is your personal secretary, which takes charge of your appointment tracking, fixing and blocking. Doctors can get a total view of their workday and efficiently manage their working schedule.

Appointment Scheduler Features

  • Multi-location, multi-physician scheduling
  • Centralized synchronizing of appointments across locations
  • Categorized appointment types with default time duration
  • Easy appointment search by date, doctor or status
  • Auto updates of schedules and status

24X7 Universal Appointment Scheduling

You can schedule your appointment right from where you are via your PDA or Internet. The appointment can also be modified in real time from your PDA.

Managing Across Offices
The system allows central synchronization of all appointments across all office locations ensuring quick connectivity and coordination.

Easy Appointment Search
One can easily retrieve details of any appointment within the system by searching on the patient's name, appointments across office locations, doctors and status.

Detailed Appointment Categorization
A typical appointment would include details on the patient name, contact detail, your notes, office location, appointment type (site visit, in patient round) and status (seen, scheduled, missed). The system also automatically adjusts default appointment duration, for instance 30 minutes for consultation and 3 hrs for minor operation.

Appointment Reminders and Updates
Prior alerts at specified durations make sure that you are prepared in advance and do not miss on vital appointments. Icons automatically get updated before and after an appointment giving accurate appointment status.

Minimized Data Entry
Complete patient data as entered into the scheduler is transmitted to the charge capture and prescription writer eliminating unnecessary data re-entry. The system also ensures minimal data entry when adding a new patient appointment.

Informative Reporting
For optimal management of time and resources, detailed reports can be generated such as daily schedules, load reports, missed appointments, free time, cancelled appointments, etc.

Integrated EHR and PM System
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