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Document Management

The Document Manager allows the medical institution to store vital patient documents such as X-Ray's, Paper Reports, and Lab Reports etc. securely within the BalineMD Suite. It is a powerful but simple way to have access to all vital documents right at one place.

Creating Your Paperless Office
Critical documents such as charts, reports and X-Ray's cause burdensome management and occupy vast space within medical premises. The Document Manager is a step towards creating your paperless, digital, organized office. BalineMD would undertake a one-time service of uploading all your current hard copy records into the digital format.

Easy Information Sharing
The system allows secure sharing of all documents within the office location and across locations. The complete staff can access patient charts, reports etc eliminating unnecessary coordination hassles. The system also allows permissible access to share documents with external physicians.

Organized Document Storage
All vital documents can be organized and stored collectively in a systematic manner. Documents are categorized by the patient name, document name, doctor and document type. This enables easy viewing and access.

Quick Information Retrieval
Retrieval of vital information on (in) documents is simple with the document manager. The Quick Search feature allows users to access documents by searching on document name, type, patient or doctor.

Complete Integration
The local setup of the fax, printer, server and scanner is integrated with the document manager ensuring fast transfer of incoming and outgoing records into electronic format. The system also blends into the EHR and automatically attaches the documents to the specific patient record. All incoming faxes directly get uploaded into the BalineMD system without the need of scanning.

Integrated EHR and PM System
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