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Reseller Program 

BalineMD is a division of Integrated Systems Management, Inc., a leader in Internet consulting and e-business development. BalineMD is pioneering breakthrough technology solutions that address today's most critical Health Care IT issues. You're faced with a commitment: making sure to deliver complete EHR, making sure EHR integrates with minimal disruption to existing workflow, and making sure EHR improves efficiency and reduces overall operating costs.

This year we are launching an aggressive campaign to partner with independent Value-Added Referral Partners as part of a nation-wide sales rollout program for BalineMD EHR.

We believe there is a huge demand for an easy-to-use, customizable and affordable EHR and PMS that will satisfy the need of almost all specialties from small medical practices to large Hospital outpatient departments. According to the latest survey only about 15% of the 825,000 healthcare providers in the US currently use an Electronic Health Records system. Together, if you include their support staff, the total number of user will cross 2 million. This is your opportunity to partner with BalineMD, whose product is in high demand and increases your sales volume dramatically.

Relationship Objective  

BalineMD pledges to develop an open, supportive, friendly and mutually beneficial relationship. We will extend our product and services, healthcare industry experience and knowledge, marketing material and ongoing sales efforts for our joint success.

Our partner program is well-structured and driven by the 'capabilities' of our partners. BalineMD Referral Program has the following salient features:

  • Qualification based on 'capabilities' and   well-designed Assessment System
  • NDA and Channel Partner Agreement
  • Channel Partner Kit
  • Channel Partner Certificate
  • Extranet Account and Lead Management System
  • Web-demo and Presentation CD
  • Training (based on type of partnership)
  • Training certificate

How to start

Reseller Program
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