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Products Overview

BalineMD, the leading edge solutions for practicing physicians and clinics powerfully streamlines the complete practice workflow. With its comprehensive product modules, the Baline suite effectively automates all the vital processes within a practice. Acting as a single gateway it integrates the complete staff across all processes - the pharmacy, billing systems, transcription services, laboratory and the insurance company.

Appointment Scheduler
The scheduler is an effective way for doctors to efficiently manage schedules and track appointments across locations.
Eligibility Verification
Online verification and authorization of insurance eligibility can be performed instantly from BalineMD. This helps minimizes scope of missed billings and ensures credibility of patient.
Specialty EHR
The EHR systematically stores patient records. It allows easy access to records, notes and patient history at the point-of-care.
Document Management
The document manager allows storage of X-Rays, charts and documents in digital format and enables easy retrieval. Doctors have universal one point access to complete patient documents that can be viewed across locations.
e-Prescrbing (eRx)
The e-Prescrbing (eRx) allows doctors to generate prescriptions at the point-of-care, prescribe refills and delivers error free prescriptions instantly to pharmacists.
Charge Capture
This module captures charges at the point of care, checks exclusivity between ICD & CPT codes along with modifiers & quantities. It ensures accuracy in billing and faster claims processing.
Lab Order Integration
Doctors can instantly request for lab reports and view lab reports right from the BalineMDT system. This helps minimize coordination effort with the laboratory.
Medical Transcription
The Medical transcription system streamlines the transcription process by capturing voice dictations, delivering them to the transcription company and allowing doctors to review transcribed reports.
The Referral Manager simplifies referral management process with easy sharing of patient data between doctors internally and externally. It eliminates the need for multiple patient visits and telephone coordination.
Patient Reminder
A unique Patient Reminder system connects with patients to remind them of upcoming appointments. This ensures minimal appointment no-shows for the clinic.
Patient Portal
With its expertise in understanding complete clinic functioning, doctors' issues and processes BalineMD designs client specific clinic websites. The website also serves as an aid in patients' forms intake, appointment fixing etc which is integrated with the BalineMD product suite.
PM / Billing System
The system allows the practice to manage all patient billing and accounting seamlessly and efficiently. It is fully integrated with the EHR, appointment system and charge capture.
Integrated EHR and PM System
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