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Eligibility Verification

The vital process of checking patient's insurance eligibility often results in billing errors, insurance coverage concerns and delays. BalineMD provides an instant online check for insurance eligibility across key government and commercial insurance companies.

Insurance Eligibility Verification Features

  • Online insurance eligibility verification
  • Online referral authorization
  • Captures demographic data

Instant Verification
Doctors no longer face concerns of lost billing due to delays or errors in insurance checks. Insurance eligibility can be verified within seconds through a single point access to all insurance payers.

Error Free Transactions
The system eliminates the need for paper transactions, coordination in getting checks done or multiple telephone calls. One is ensured that there would be accuracy in the insurance checks and avoidance of denied claims at a later stage.

Data Entry Elimination
The patient's demographic information as retrieved from the insurance check is automatically transmitted to the EHR eliminating the need for data re-entry.

Check Referral Authorization and Pre-Certification
This enables a check on the status of referrals with multiple payers and to receive referrals from other providers. It also provides the facility of real-time submission of new referrals to multiple payers eliminating time consuming paper processes.

Integrated EHR and PM System
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