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Charge Capture

Lost or missed charges, denied claims, regulatory compliance and increasing time-to-billing rates are common billing system problems, which cause system inefficiencies and monetary losses. The BalineMDT Charge Capture system is an all-in-one solution, which does everything right from ensuring accurate charges and recording to final delivery.

Charge Capture Features

  • Store simplified list of CPT and ICD codes
  • E&M codes list as per your clinic and specialty
  • Assists in CPT/ICD linkage and modifier
  • Alerts for inappropriate code selection
  • Customized Superbill templates as per specialty

At the Point-of-Care
One of the most common causes for inaccurate or lost billing is that doctors find it difficult to record all patient encounters at the end of the day. With BalineMDT Charge Capture you have the ability to create super bills right from where you are through your Tablet PC, Pocket PC or Desktop PC. This ensures greater accuracy, avoidance of missed charges and quicker initiation of the billing process.

Charge Capturing Simplified
Commonly used CPT codes of each specialty are inbuilt into the system with easy retrieval facility. You can store your own list of top used codes and the chief complaints list for easy access. The superbill templates are also customized as per specialty.

Lower Charge Denials
While documenting the charge the software checks the eligibility of the CPT and ICD codes to ensure that wrong charges are not sent to the insurance company. The system comes with an E&M wizard for capturing accurate level of coding.

Improved Cash Flow
Many medical clinics suffer from large time-to-bill periods due to a need for billing re-entry, coordination etc. The system minimizes duplicated data entry and allows for a seamless integration with your billing software. With an overall decrease in time between patients encounter and final collection, a better working capital situation adds to the long-term financial health.

Seamless Integration
The charge capture system is integrated with the appointment scheduler and most leading billing software. The super bills can be created only for scheduled appointments and patients that are met. The system is also capable of seamless integration with the billing software.

BalineMD also works as a complete solution provider, offering the facility of transferring charges into the BalineMDT suite within a 24 hour turnaround time.

Integrated EHR and PM System
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