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Referral Management

AOne of the processes, which often involves time but is seldom automated, is the coordination between current and referring physicians. BalineMD referral management successfully streamlines the process of communication between multiple physicians.

Establish Efficient Communication
The Referrals module enables a physician to share patient history, reports or documents with other physicians. This can be done via the handheld or desktop PC, allowing easy communication without the inconvenience of physical visits or telephone calls.

Flexibility in Communication
Patient data can be exchanged with a physician within the same clinic as well as with an external member. The system designates limited rights to an external doctor to log in and view patient data. BalineMD provides the facility to fax the patient details right from the desktop to referring physicians who do not have Internet or desktop access.

Referral List Management
The referral physician list is easily accessible online and captures the specialty, reason for referral and insurance plan in a systematic, easy to view manner.

Reduced Physical Effort
Typically patients coordinate back and forth physically to move their reports between current and referred physician. This process is eliminated with the easy sharing of patient data online via the Referral Management System.

Define Your Templates
Doctors have the flexibility to define the templates that will be used for the transcribed reports.

Tracking Reports
The Referral Management Module provides access to informative inbound and outbound reports by provider, diagnosis, and reasons to track the referrals.

Integrated EHR and PM System
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