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Transcription & Fax Services

BalineMD works as an end-to-end solution provider for its clients, providing the most advanced medical transcription services and automated faxing services to ensure greater accuracy and faster delivery cycles. Our state-of-the art medical transcription services setup acts as the backbone for providing record turnaround time and exceptionally high quality in our medical transcription and fax services. This is all part of BalineMD's commitment to offering a complete solution to a physician's practice, with its powerful combination of products and services. Our medical transcription services offer a number of factors that make us the right choice as your preferred medical transcription services provider:

Fax Services
BalineMD offers a Fax Service, which automatically faxes transcribed reports to attending or referral physicians as required. It relieves the office staff of the time-consuming process of sending faxes manually.

Quick Turnaround Time
The medical transcription services maintain an average turn-around time of 12 hours from receiving the voice files till completion and attaching the transcriptions to Patient's electronic medical records. Depending on the client requirements the system provides the option of having a turn around time as short as four hours.

Ease of Use
The BalineMD medical transcription workflow management system has been designed as intuitive and easy to use. With this simplicity in design, an average of one hour is enough for a user to learn and independently start managing the system.

Complete Security and Integrity
BalineMD safeguards client data and information with HIPAA complaint communication protocols, 128-bit encryption and public key authentication. As per the HIPAA norms of strong grade encryption and authentication, BalineMD meets all the regulatory requirements enabling security and confidentiality.

Client Confidentiality
BalineMD maintains client confidentiality contracts wherein all patient data, medical reports, physician lists are guarded as the sole proprietary records of the client and cannot be divulged or duplicated.

Quality Standards
BalineMD strives to maintain the highest quality norms with an objective of exceeding customer expectations while providing medical transcription services. BalineMD guarantees 98.5% quality assurance standards to the client.

Optimal Pricing
BalineMD charges based on line counts instead of number of characters, and hence charging fair rates as per the acutal number of lines and not characters in the transcribed report.

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