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Clinics typically have multiple levels of automation across all functions such as within the labs, operation theatres, finance, etc. These systems and application are across vendors and run on a stand-alone basis. This often causes disruptions, coordination problems and billing errors.

BalineMD Integration services, based on HL7 standards, integrate these individual systems to communicate with each other and third party external systems. This allows seamless running of applications across processes and departments.

Efficient Functioning
Integration services enable individual systems to interact with each other and with external systems. This lays a single point interface for a staff member to work on different systems or perform multiple tasks.

Billing Software Integration
The system has the inbuilt ability to integrate with leading billing software such as Medisoft, Lytec, MD Office, Medical Manager and ADS. The BalineMD superbills are exported into the billing software for further processing. This decreases billing errors and eliminates manual data entry processes.

Optimize Time and Money
In the long run integration helps the organization to leverage time and cost savings besides meeting HIPAA norms for code sets, transactions and identifiers. With simplification and integration in automation, users can easily understand and use systems.

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