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Company Credentials
Who is BalineMD? How long has it been in business?
BalineMD is committed to providing quality healthcare software solutions to the medical community. Our clients across the U.S are testimony to our stability; financial strength and commitment towards Healthcare IT. With the high growth potential in our vertical market segment and our commitment towards consistently innovating and providing quality services to our clients, we are poised for rapid growth and advancement.
Who isBalineMD?
BalineMD BalineMD is an affiliate of ISM a 14-year-old company, specializing in IT Services, IT software development and outsourcing. The company has successfully executed a range of projects from conceptualization to implementation. We cater to client such as Gateway, Forbes, ASCO, and WestGlen, to name a few. A team of more than 150 skilled software engineers backs the company.
Where is BalineMD in use now? Whom can I call to get references?
For references you may contact us at 904.332.7131 or email us at info@balinemd.com
Why should I invest in Electronic Medical Record Software?
EHR systems have been proved to aid in substantial reductions of cost, time and effort for the medical community. They are a step towards quality healthcare with minimal scope of errors and seamless running of medical processes.
Exactly how does BalineMD save money for Clinics?
A large part of medical practices costs are a result of administrative burdens and support staff. As the practice grows, the administrative staff members also need to increase proportionally leading to higher overheads. BalineMD eliminates these costs by providing added efficiency without hiring additional staff.

The automated running of medical processes and systems with the use of BalineMD allows greater productivity from each employee. The clinic can grow without the need of increasing the employee base. For most of our customers, the cost savings derived in the first 3 months of usage justify the yearly cost of BalineMD. Contact us at 904.332.7131 or email at info@balinemd.com for a comprehensive Return on Investment Analysis.
Can physicians test BalineMD before they buy it?
Yes, Contact us at 904.332.7131 or email at info@balinemd.com or SignUp for a Demo.

How can I see a demonstration of BalineMD?
Contact us at 904.332.7131 or email at info@balinemd.com or SignUp for a Demo. There are many EHR programs in the market. What makes BalineMD different? BalineMD is a one stop affordable, Internet based ASP model Clinical practice suite. We cover everything right from the EHR to Charge Capture to the Prescription Writer. BalineMD also provides services such as Integration, transcription and billing for value addition to the practice. This helps us in establishing BalineMD as a one-stop provider of clinical practice solutions.
Will BalineMD force physicians to change the way they currently practice? No, physicians can follow the way they currently practice; they merely need to transport the data already available to the BalineMD suite. They can record dictations while traveling using the PDA and do not need to utilize telephones. The time consumed by your staff in writing manually can be converted into data entry into the system. BalineMD is an easy to use application and any information captured at one place is automatically transmitted to other modules, to avoid duplicate data entry.

Will BalineMD slow me down?
BalineMD is a robust system designed for fast running combined with simplistic ease of use. It does not slow you down but helps you work faster. The system has inbuilt default settings for the most commonly executed processes. This eliminates the need for data re-entry or duplication. The BalineMD product team with its expertise in understanding the physician's concerns of time costs has developed the system to manage time better. For instance in-built ICD, CPT codes prompt easy prescription writing or diagnostics. Once any patient information is entered into one part of the system it is automatically updated to other relevant areas. The staff only spends time on adding additional information.

Is the system quick to deliver and does it require minimal training?
The BalineMD system requires minimal deployment time and training time. Being an ASP based system it can be integrated within the clinic within a matter of days. The system has been designed in a simple, intuitive manner so that it takes minimal time for any staff member to get comfortable with the workflow.

I have a single-person practice. Do you have a solution that makes sense for me?
Yes, we have designed our system to meet the needs of a small practice. The entry-level EHR software from BalineMD is reasonably priced and offers added functionality suitable for a single practice. Whether the practice is large, small or medium BalineMD has kept the individual requirements of all in mind while designing the system.

I manage a clinic with 20 providers. Do you have a solution that will work for me?
Yes, BalineMD is a multi-user, multi-practitioner system. It is well suited to handle multiple users at the same time.

Can I use BalineMD in my exam room, home or other locations?
Yes, you only need to have a computer with Internet connectivity.
Specialty EHR
What are the specialties covered in the system?
    . Allergy and Immunology
    . Anesthesiology
    . Cardiology
    . Dermatology
    . Emergency Medicine
    . Endocrinology
    . ENT
    . Family Practice
    . Gastroenterology
    . Geriatric Medicine
    . HBOT/Wound Care
    . Hematology
    . Internal Medicine
    . Nephrology
    . Neurosurgery
    . Neurology
    . Oncology
    . Ophthalmology
    . Orthopedics
    . OB/GYN
    . Occupational Health
    . Pain Management
    . Pediatrics
    . Podiatry
    . Psychiatry
    . Pulmonology
    . Rheumatology
    . Surgery
    . Sports Medicine
    . Urology
    . Vascular Surgery
I have a specialized practice; will BalineMD EHR meet my needs?
Yes. BalineMD can be easily customized for your medical specialty. BalineMD offers template based charting. With this feature, standard templates are provided and can be customized to meet your specialized needs for effectiveness and ease of use.

Can I generate a report with BalineMD applications?
Yes, BalineMD solutions enable your organization to create reports quickly and easily. These reports can be accessed on your PC. The reports can help your organization evaluate the delivery of services, improve billing efficiency, track appointments and workflow across locations.

What do you mean by "Point & Click" feature?
BalineMD uses point & click forms to record a patient encounter. With automatic prompts, this feature allows a patient's narrative to be created by simply selecting logical choices within phrases, macros and lists. The directory of the phrases, lists and macros is exhaustive enough to cover a large range of clinical situations. Users have the added flexibility to also incorporate their own if needed.

Can I chart at the point of care?
Yes, you can have computers with Internet access at each workstation such as Reception, Examination Room, and Consultation Room to chart at the point of care. You can also access BalineMD from your handheld or pocket PC.
Medical Transcription
Does BalineMD handle medical transcription?
Yes, BalineMD has developed a Transcriptions workflow management system. This web and PDA compliant transcription system manages the transcription cycle from the beginning to end by integrating voice recording, digital scripting, delivery to the transcription service and final transcript receipt. Besides this, BalineMD also provides transcription services to function as a one-source delivery partner.

Why should my practice outsource medical transcription tasks?
When clinics focus on their core competencies of healing patients it leads to cost efficiencies and superior patient care. BalineMD takes complete charge of the processing of information. Your practice not only saves time and money but also runs more smoothly than when performing the task in-house.
Appointment Scheduler
Does the system schedule appointments?
Yes, BalineMD has an Appointment Scheduler for quick and easy appointment scheduling. You can schedule your appointment right from where you are via your PDA or Internet. Prior alerts at specified durations make sure that you are prepared in advance and do not miss on vital appointments. Icons automatically get updated before and after an appointment giving accurate appointment status.
Document Management
Can I scan in my current and old paper records?
Yes, you can scan lab reports, photos and notes from old records and attach them to the patient's record in EHR. All vital documents can hence be organized and stored collectively in a systematic manner with the Document Manager. However the patient data would need to be added separately. BalineMD also provides scanning and indexing services for old record entry.
Charge Capture
Are ICD and CPT codes included with the system?
Yes ICD and CPT codes are coded within the system for easy usage.

Do I have to choose the ICD and CPT code?
Yes, you can automatically select ICD and CPT codes from the lists.

Does BalineMD bill patients?
No, BalineMD does not bill patients.
Prescription Writer
Can I write prescriptions with BalineMD ? Yes, BalineMD provides multiple options for writing prescriptions from the Pocket PC & Web based Prescription Writer.

Does the system come with medications already in it?
Yes, the system includes commonly prescribed medications.

Does BalineMD EHR write prescriptions and warn of any drug interactions and contradictions?
Yes, you will be warned of drug interactions, allergies, duplicates and precautions to make requisite modifications at the right time.

Can I print the prescription?
Yes, the system can print directly from the Pocket PC by using an infrared printer or Blue tooth printer.

Can we cross reference drug allergies?
Yes, this feature is provided in the drug database.

Does the prescription program document current and past medications?
Yes, the medications can be searched by date.

How will we handle drug/prescription updates?
BalineMD updates the Drug database on a quarterly basis.

Can I fax prescriptions to the Pharmacy from BalineMD ?
Yes, you can directly fax prescription to the Pharmacy via Wireless LAN. Wireless LAN needs to be setup in the clinic to avail this facility.
How does BalineMD handle referring letters?
Patient data can be exchanged with a physician within the same clinic as well as with an external member for referring patients. The system designates limited rights to an external doctor to log in and view patient data. BalineMD provides the added facility to fax the referring letter, patient details right from the desktop to referring physicians who do not have Internet or desktop access.

Can you print/fax/email consult/referring letters to multiple referring physicians?
Yes, letters can be faxed, e-mailed or printed directly from the system to multiple physicians.
Lab Order Integration
Can I write lab requests with BalineMD ?
The physician can directly order patient tests from the Pocket PC to the labs for fast processing and immediate action. Performed tests can be directly transmitted from the lab to be attached with the patient record in the EHR.

Does BalineMD integrate lab and test results?
Yes, BalineMD is a completely HL7 compliant system which enables full integration with all major laboratory systems such as LabCorp & Quest.
Patient Reminder
How does BalineMD handle patient reminder calls?
The BalineMD patient reminder system is based on an interactive voice recording system. It automatically calls up patients and informs them of their upcoming appointments. The system also notes appointment confirmations or denials and updates them in the scheduler.
Insurance Eligibility Check
Can BalineMD check eligibility?
Yes, BalineMD provides Online Insurance Eligibility Verification. Patient's insurance eligibility can be verified within seconds across insurance companies.
Integration Services
Can BalineMD applications interface with legacy systems?
Yes, Our open architecture framework is designed to interface with legacy systems.

Will BalineMD share patient information with my billing system?
BalineMD is a HL7 compliant system, which seamlessly integrates with all major third-party billing software. It has built in integration adapters for integration with Medisoft, Lytec, MD Office, Medical Manager and ADS.
Wireless Access
Does BalineMD EHR work with handheld devices? Yes, BalineMD works on all Pocket PC devices.

Are your applications wireless?
Yes, the applications are wireless enabled. The Pocket PC and the hand held interact with each other wirelessly through the server to update changes. The physicians can also download the latest patient data from the central server on the handheld for offline use. The PDA can communicate with central servers via various transportation mechanisms such as synchronization using desktop cradles, Wireless LAN, Wireless Modem or cell phone.

Does BalineMD EHR work with Palm OS devices?
No, BalineMD does not work with Palm OS devices. It is only compatible with Windows Mobile OS.
Support & Training
Will you assist with hardware purchasing and installation? Yes, we will offer full assistance.

Does BalineMD provide both software and hardware support?
BalineMD only provides software support. Hardware support is the responsibility of the Hardware vendor who would provide the same.

What about upgrades, fixes and maintenance?
The monthly subscription fee includes free upgrades and software fixes for the life of the contract. While the Drug Database is updated quarterly, ICD and CPT code databases are updated on a yearly basis.

What training plans do you offer? We will provide initial offsite training on use of the system at no additional charge. After that we can provide off-site or on-site training charged separately.

What support is set up for BalineMD?
We provide the user manual, e-mail and a dedicated support line for timely support. Our support staff is available between 7 AM & 5 PM EST on phone as well as email to assist you with your concerns.

Does BalineMD come with a manual?
Yes, BalineMD has a printed manual, help file and on-line manual that may be viewed over the Internet at our website.
Is BalineMD HIPAA Compliant?
BalineMD complies with all current HIPAA regulations and will continue to meet all legal requirements in the future. The system gives role based password protected access to users.

How secure are my patients' records in BalineMD EHR?
BalineMD EHR has built-in security features that make electronic medical records accessible only by those with security clearance. BalineMD safeguards client data and information with HIPAA complaint communication protocols, 128-bit encryption and public key authentication. As per the HIPAA norms of strong grade encryption and authentication, BalineMD meets all the regulatory requirements enabling security and confidentiality. Scheduled backups of your data keep your records and information safeguarded from being lost or destroyed.

What about data encryption?
Any data exchanged over the Internet is fully encrypted prior to transfer. This encryption standard has full 128-bit keys for access.
System Investment and Return on Investment
Does it require major investments in hardware and technology infrastructure?
NO, you only have to invest in Desktop PCs and Pocket PCs subject to the number of doctors, examination rooms, etc. Costly application server software & hardware are the responsibility of BalineMD.

How much does BalineMD cost?
We charge a monthly subscription fee, depending on the modules you are using. The fee can be a low as $250 per month. To know more call us at 904.332.7131.

What are the ongoing expenses?
The only ongoing expense is the monthly subscription fee, the monthly subscription fee includes free upgrades and software fixes for the life of the contract.

Will your software cost justify in my practice?
Yes, most of our customers cover their yearly investment on BalineMD in the first 3 months with the cost savings they reap. This also includes the investment in the necessary hardware for scanning, data storage, etc.

Contact us at 904.332.7131 or email at info@balinemd.com for a comprehensive Return on Investment Analysis.
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