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How to improve the productivity of your team




Making definite goals and visions for your team and the company as a whole helps you to go in right direction. Your strategies to achieve the long term and short term targets will be well planned and executed. These targets have to be attained in a specific period of time. The productivity and maximum utilization of talents of your team members can ensure the best results. Here are some very simple tips that can bring a considerable improvement in the way you work and guarantees complete success to your work strategies. Read on!




  1. Plan and execute

The team has to review their performance in the past with details such as how long and how productive they have been till then. This would give more room for improvement by planning a process that will take lesser time and not compromising on the quality of task given.

  1. Positive work environment

Create an environment that encourages maximum engagement of employees in the project or work assigned. Smart offices with a disturbance-free ambience enable your team to work in peace, thereby increasing your productivity to soaring heights.

  1. Assign time for tasks

Standardizing the processes involved in carrying out the work will provide the team the yardstick to finish the task at a given time. This enhances productivity and lessens the time wasted while executing it. Analyzing these tasks and processes would help eliminate certain steps that don’t directly contribute to the productivity of the company.

  1. Set norms for communication

Build a system of communication prioritizing on when, who and what to communicate and updating the team constantly is very vital for the team’s productivity. This enhances a smooth working environment with no bottlenecks cropping up.

  1. Adopt excellent work management tools

Using time tested management tools that have proved to increase productivity in a team can be beneficial. Making complex tasks simple, time saving techniques and clear set goals are some great tools.

  1. Smart ‘pay for performance’ incentives

Periodic reviews on the performances of your team members and introducing an incentive program to motivate them to give their best is one of the oldest strategies to enhance productivity.

Say goodbye to rushing and pushing towards deadlines! Instead use these simple tools and techniques that help the team to excel not only as a team but also as individual performers.

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